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October 16, 2011
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Control the human Population by LivingGreyFace Control the human Population by LivingGreyFace
This picture is about the human population constantly growing/living more everyday, and how that is a enormous problem for humanity, nature and many other things.

Here is a link to the facebook page -->[link]
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Taena-Doman Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As the human species called itself the "Homo sapiens" (wise man), I somehow believe that mankind would be wise enough.
But when I take a look at the current situation on earth I really doubt it.
With his "wisdom", "good sense", his conscious nature... the Homo sapiens the only species I know who destroys his own life.

As I see the earth with all the bioversity and with all the different life as a HOME what I really like to share with all other species in my lifetime, I see all this destruction caused by humans (human overpopulation, climate change, overfishing,
multiplying litter pollution, extinction of species) as an attack.

Sorry, my English.
creativemikey Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Professional Photographer
This is really cool and has been linked with
homeisthewilderness Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
How did the following cult get here?

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Tetrigon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
It's called natural selection. It won't stop just because humans "slow down".
LivingGreyFace Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Why do you think natural selection won't stop just because humans slow down? And what do you mean by slow down?

If by slow down you mean not expanding our society and population as much and working on balancing our society with nature so that both can live more comfortably? Not expanding aggressively on each other.

Also I think I get what you mean by natural selection, things will defeat other things until the thing that can defeat everything is the one that lives? If that is what you mean, then yes I think if humans are smart enough to expand, defeat, and most importantly understand, then humans can also be smart enough to realize that if they keep expanding there will be nothing left but themselves. If people are smart enough to realize that expansion has facts behind it to not be good, then people can learn to live with what they have to make a better future for their lives and nature. Sure maybe natural selection won't stop, but if we are smart enough maybe we can figure out how to balance our using of things, and the ways we live, so that we can let nature not be destroyed, so that we can keep the things we need, and let the things we need have a good life too. If we slow down maybe we can figure something out before humans destroy themselves.
Tetrigon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Yes that is what I mean.

"until the thing that can defeat everything is the one that lives?" < this is not guaranteed. In fact it's highly unlikely to happen in the presence of humans with all our "Save all the things!" :iconallthethingsplz: attitude.(or rather all the cute wolfy panda things) Besides, it's not as though natural selection doesn't kill off humans as well. Diseases and predators are all over the place.

"... smart enough to realize that if they keep expanding there will be nothing left" <This has already happened but it's not because people are whining about hunting (which is mostly controlled). It's because we've seen the effects of human activity on the environment. if you want to fight against killing animals fight against the uncontrolled part; poachers and abusive animal owners).

"... then people can learn to live with what they have to make a better future for their lives and nature" < We're working on it! :stare: Quit acting like nobody gives a shit. That’s deluded. Helium 3! Look it up.
LivingGreyFace Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
That's correct that things kill off humans as well, but people don't die enough to balance with the amount humans living. And modern day medicine is keeping people alive more , allowing them to live longer, so the number of people needing more space, energy, resources and anything else a person needs, grows the more people there are, making a damaging effect on the environment/nature. And I am pretty sure it's a fact that more people live each day and are born each day then people that die each day. So if people have no reason to stop expanding we are probably going to run out of things we need because we used those things to much.

What I am also suggesting with that fact of more people being born and staying alive each day is where will we live if we need land to live on? and what if that land is where a part of nature is that we are trying to save? Will we expand onto that protected land? Or will we not allow people to live there and build more buildings? We will run out of resources to build things? Will come to a conclusion of not allowing more people to be born?

Do we really need this many people and more each day? Is that helpful to society and the environment in more positive ways then negative ways? Is it positive to expand our population all the time?

I agree that poachers are not helpful when it comes to saving nature and I hope that poachers are ended forever.

I think people care, but I also think that when we compare how many people care to how many people don't care, that the amount of people that don't care are a larger group. This could be wrong though. I'd rather think that less people give a shit to prepare for the worst, but at the same time I'm glad to know a huge group of our population cares about the environment, if there is a huge group of people that care about the environment?

When I also talk about expansion, I also mean farm land, or any land that we need more of to use instead of saving nature in that area.

I'm not just suggesting that nature can be less of by hunting, even though that is a problem too. It is also nice to know it is being more controlled. I'm also glad that people are working on protecting the environment, to try to be fair to the other creatures on this planet.
WONK2O Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
No matter how much you complain, people are not going to stop increasing the population. So stop whining. People are born. People live. People die. The same goes for all other species. Many people may be born in a single day, but many people will die as well. It is impossible to 'control the human population' in such a manner, so why waste your oh-so-precious time complaining about it?

Also, are you telling me that you never once imagined what it would be like to have children to call your own? If you did, then why would you attempt to kill the dreams of others by essentially saying that children are not needed for a properly functioning planet? If you didn't, then, still, why would you want to be the ass that tried to force people to think the same way you do?
LivingGreyFace Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I would rather try to tell people to help nature then to let people expand with destructive habits. I am not whining. Your right people are born. Your right people are alive. You are correct people die. You are correct all other species die as well. It is possible to control the human population, an example that I know is China does something like that. It is your opinion to think that I am wasting time, I believe I am not wasting time. I believe that people should know that nature is the most beautiful, interesting, changing life in this world and I will hate the day when all that is left on this world when it is covered in cities is only self centered humans!

I have imagined having a child of my own, but I am not so selfish to think that my life and what I do with it doesn't effect the world around me and I do not think that whatever I do will be good because I am human because decisions can be wrong! If killing their dreams means explaining to them that their are more people alive then that die each day making a future without resources, space, or a nature that can help us be alive then yes I will kill their dreams if it means making them understand something new to help their minds realize that we are damaging the planet with our constant expansion and destructive self centered life style. Children aren't needed for a properly functioning planet, and that's a fact. Other species can live on a planet and the planet can still be functioning. If people keep expanding their population we will destroy a beautiful cycle of nature if everything keeps expanding to become a comfortable home for only humans. Humans are destroying a beautiful environment of nature and replacing it with their own properly functioning society. If everything is society their will only be humans left to eat each other and little space to live. I'm not trying to force them to think how I think, I'm trying to make them understand something they might not know.
tendowave87 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
So, wheres your proof?
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